Drive Ours, Your Way!

Here at Heritage Audi in Cheltenham and Salisbury we believe you should be able to choose the route that you test drive our Audi vehicles on. So we are offering you to Drive Ours, Your Way. We have specifically designed four individual routes that will allow you to experience the superior Audi quality, handling and innovation our models have to offer, delivering the optimal driving experience.

Simply, select the route of your choice, and we will have the vehicle ready when you are. Drive Ours Your Way, putting you in the driving seat.

Select Route

Urban Route

Our Urban route is designed for those already acquainted with a distinguished Audi drive. This route will help you familiarise yourself with the exceptional engineering and manoeuvrability of your chosen model, all in urban driving conditions.

  • 1. Changeover point
  • 2. Through tight narrow village of Quidhampton – experience manoeuvrability
  • 3. Long straight 50mph most of the way past livestock market, experience car at cruising speed.
  • 4. Traffic lights at Harnham Gyratory, opportunity for start stop to function
  • 5. Along New Street and Crane Bridge Road – through city with speed bumps and traffic lights – urban driving conditions.

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Combination Route

The combination route will let you familiarise yourself with the superior ride and handling, innovation, braking and acceleration our vehicles offer, all in a combination of a suburban and open road environment.

  • 1. Changeover point on Roman Road
  • 2. 30mph residential stretch
  • 3. Open windy "A" road - experience handling and benefit of Quattro on high speed bends, crests and dips
  • 4. Stretch of dual carriageway to experience car at higher speed and cruise control
  • 5. Long straight stretch – possible to try overtaking performance

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Total Experience Route

If you’re looking for a route which will allow you the best of both worlds then our total experience route is the one for you. Allowing you take a journey on a combination of dual carriageways, where you can test the speed performance of the car, through to the town roads where you can see the stop start benefits. This route will demonstrate the versatility of our Audi vehicles.

  • 1. Changeover point
  • 2. 30mph residential stretch
  • 3. High speed bends, crests and dips – experience handling of car
  • 4. Long straight - experience overtaking performance and cruise control
  • 5. Through Wilton – experience possible Start/Stop with queues and traffic lights

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Your Route

Our final test route option is one for you to decide. You will have the flexibility to test drive our vehicle on a route which is already familiar to you; perhaps you want to test a route you often use or just want to head out and see which way the road takes you.


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