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All The Latest On The New Audi S3

Added: 13 October 2020

Red Audi S3

There’s much to love about the Audi S3, which has been on our roads for nearly 25 years, and which shows no signs of experiencing a dip in popularity any time soon.  And if you have any doubts about that, just take a look at what the manufacturer has in store for us with the new Audi S3. Just the headline of the new vehicle is enough to grab people’s attention: you’ll be able to go 0 - 60mpg in just 4.8 seconds, because the engine is so powerful. This is a car powered by a 2.0 litre engine that can achieve 306 BHP and 295 lbs of torque. By anyone’s standards, that’s more than enough power for the UK roads.

There are two variants of the Audi S3: there’s the S3 Sportback and the S3 Saloon. There’s a seven speed automatic gearbox in both, with Quattro four-wheel drive, which is a mainstay of the S3. According to Audi, you should reach around 39.2mpg, while on the emissions front, the car will emit around 178g/km of CO2. You’ll be able to adjust some settings so that you can get your ideal performance. For example, you can play with the settings for the suspension, engine, exhaust note, and gearbox. If you’re on a long stretch of motorway, then you may wish to make the car quiet -- while when you’re on the winding backgrounds of the countryside, you may want a noise that’s a little firmer.

Audi S3 Interior

The car is more spacious than previous S3 models, in large part because of the larger size. Both of the models are bigger than the previous model. The boot capacity comes in at 370 litres for the saloon, 325 for the Sportback. And what’s going on inside the vehicle? As we’ve come to expect from Audi, there’s a lot of high-quality touches going on inside. There are leather sports seats which provide a comfortable ride, while the infotainment aspects are pretty fancy -- there’s a 10.1 inch display, and the virtual cockpit from Audi, which has to be among the best in the world. As ever, within the infotainment system, you’ll find a whole host of touches that make the driving more entertaining and enjoyable. For example, MMI Nav Plus, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, things like that.

On the outside, there’s a design that’s worthy of carrying the strong Audi S3 name. It’s all sweeping aggressive angles and an impressive grille.

If you’re interested in purchasing this vehicle, or any other Audi vehicle, then be sure to get in touch with us here at Heritage Audi, either in person or over the phone. Based in the heart of Wiltshire, we’ve been an approved Audi dealership since 1996 and should be one stop shop for all things related to Audi, whether it be buying a new or used vehicle, servicing, or MOT testing. You’ll find that we make the process of purchasing your vehicle and managing all your other needs as straightforward as possible.

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