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Audi RS5 Now Available as RS Sportback & RS5 Coupe

Added: 24 June 2019

Are you thinking about investing in an Audi? If so, then there are two new fantastic options available for 2019. This year, the RS5 Sportback will enter the UK market for the first time. At the same time, there’s a new RS5 couple as well. This is the first step Audi is taking to removing the status of this model. It was once a special edition but by 2020 it will always be available on the market. Here are some of the things you need to know about these new models.

Audi RS5 Specs

If you are looking for a powerful machine that provides fantastic fun on the road, then the RS5 is certainly going to be the right choice for you. These have a 2.9-litre turbocharged V6 engine. It provides 444bhp as well as 600Nm of torque.

A clever system ensures that all four wheels gain are powered with an eight-speed automatic transmission. That means that you will be able to hit sixty-two mph in just under 4 seconds. It has a wicked fast top speed too and is able to hit 155mph with no issues.

Both models also provide a fantastic multi-link suspension set up. These allow you to distribute power and throttle response. You’ll be able to find and pinpoint the perfect setting for you on the road.

Exterior Style

If you’re looking for a vehicle that is sure to turn some heads the RS5 could certainly be right for you. That’s true regardless of whether you opt for the Coupe or the Sport because they both come with the same features. There are 20-inch alloy wheels, glass that provides privacy and the signature oval tips on the exhaust. You get new bumpers and side skirts too that look fantastic.

Interior Style

Since this is a special edition vehicle, you’ll be delighted by the sheer beauty of the interior. It looks incredible thanks to gorgeous sports seats and a stunning glass sunroof. This does provide panoramic views in front of you.

There is lots of fun tech to explore too including Apple CarPlay support and a virtual cockpit infotainment system. It might take a few days driving to find all the gadgets that these cars offer. There is even tech to improve safety on the road including blind spot monitoring.

Will They Fit Your Budget?

They could because prices are starting at just under £69,000. For a high-performance sports car, this does offer great value, particularly when you consider the quality of this vehicle. If you want a particular trim, expect to pay a little more.

Have we convinced you that one of the new RS5 models could be the right choice for you? Here at Heritage Audi we are a trusted dealer of Audis and are delighted to be able to offer the new models to eager customers. Get in touch now to arrive a test drive or even to complete your order. We service all of the South-West and we know you won’t be disappointed if you choose one of these incredible machines.

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