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Customer Reviews

Tim Andrew

Just had the car serviced. Polite staff, clean and tidy, and they offered me a coffee. Good job on the car, and they washed and hovered it. Will definitely be using them again.

5 / 5

05 September 2019

Mike Riley

Thanks to the team for fixing the oil consumption problem on my 60 plate A4 1.8TFSI with 75000 miles on the clock without any cost to me. I bought the car from Audi 8 months old and have always had it serviced by Blade/Heritage and I'm very glad I did now because the repair was done under goodwill with Audi UK paying 70% and Heritage covering the rest. I had noticed the oil consumption was getting worse for the last couple of years but waited until it was worse than the service limit (0.5l within 600 miles), once that happened it took 3 weeks from the oil consumption test to getting the car repaired, including the time for Heritage to work with Audi UK on the goodwill costs. I had read on the newsgroups that with a full Audi service history a goodwill repair for the oil consumption on this type of engine was possible but I'm really pleased that Audi covered £3.5k of work (changing pistons, piston rings and PCV). Thanks again.

5 / 5

07 November 2019

Barnie Stormer

I have been using this dealership since 2003 and have remained loyal for a reason. 5 Audi’s later and they haven’t dropped the ball more than once or twice. I do around 12k miles a year so two visits typically and I still get a personal service. The brand has slowly become popular over that time. Heritage have kept pace and maintained that personal touch to keep motoring as hassle free as possible. Their VW service centre is also top class looking after my wife’s GTI addiction...!!

5 / 5

03 June 2019

Sarah Taylor

Pleasant and well-stocked dealership with polite and professional staff.

4 / 5

03 April 2019

Richard Slesser

Great experience with Heritage Audi in Salisbury today. Sales team provided helpful advice, full range of available options and made sure we didn't feel pressured into spending more than we needed to for the car and extras we were looking. Best car buying experience I've had for a long time.

5 / 5

02 August 2019

Camilla Bindra-Jones

Customer service tailored to me specifically delivered with speed but calm by Chloe Smyth. My difficult needs were understood and a solution found and because of this, I am no longer a BMW driver but have an Audi!

5 / 5

30 November 2018

Dominic Crackermac

Very professional service every time I've purchased a vehicle from Audi Salisbury , three so far . To prove my point it's a 236 mile round trip, the dealerships local to me say there giving me a good deal. Salisbury Audi have always gotten me a better deal.

5 / 5

25 October 2018

Sue Hinton

Took my A5 for a recall - minor replacement. What great service! Smiling, pleasant staff! Given a lift to the shops and collected - without asking for it! Work completed sooner than expected, car was cleaned and gleaming on my return! Will certainly be returning when I need my next Audi! Thank you to James Kenny for the clear assessment of the state of my car too!

5 / 5

18 November 2019

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